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Role: Founder, Project Manager, Web Developer, Social Media, Video Producer, Collaborator

The Tech Nook is a collaborative technology resource for music therapy created by music therapy clinicians, researchers, and educators. Learn to create, record, edit, and produce with our video tutorials, PDF guides, and virtual lessons.


Role: Author

SPACE: A Journal for (Future) Music Therapists to Explore and Express through Songwriting is a journal intended to supplement, inspire, and encourage the development of therapeutic songwriting skills. Beginning with a brief introduction of basic chord progressions and song forms, the users then journey through a series of logs from inward to outward exploration and from structured to free songwriting.


Role: Artist, Songwriter, Composer

NOVUM Records is a small independent label forged from a heart of servitude and a desire for excellence. Its mission is to help artists create authentic and high-quality music, build and foster a community of creators, and champion our artists’ missions, driving them to succeed and achieve their goals.


Role: Co-founder, Project Manager, Social Media, Audio Producer


Clinical BOPulations was a music therapy podcast hosted by a collective of clinicians and educators from 2018 - 2022. Every episode, the hosts introduce a new or undiscovered songwriter and/or producer, explore their music, and discuss the therapeutic implications of one of their songs. 

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