A Journal for (future) Music Therapists to Explore and Express through Songwriting

"SPACE" is intended to afford opportunities for music therapy students and professionals to
explore and express themselves through the therapeutic technique of songwriting. Rooted in the personal and non-intrusive means of self-experiential learning, it is meant to supplement, inspire, and encourage learning and growth. Beginning with a brief introduction of basic chord progressions and song forms, the users then journey through a series of logs from inward to outward exploration and from structured to free songwriting.


     Songwriting is an important tool music therapists use to promote health and development. The entire process of creating, notating, and recording a song addresses a range of client needs,
including but not limited to psychosocial awareness, emotional expression, and communication.


     In order to address these needs of present and future clients and be with them, we must enter that same space. 
     May this journal help you do just that.

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